Make a Donation

Individual donations help to attract the very best guest artists, to rent instruments for students who cannot afford their own, to compensate talented instructors, and to keep the cost of enrollment low so that all interested Hillsdale County area students can participate.

Levels of Giving

We welcome and appreciate gifts at any level. Sponsors and donors will be recognized at the following levels.

$750 or more – Bass

$500-$749 – Cello

$300-$499 – Viola

$200-$299 – Violin

$100-$199 – Case

$1-$99 – Bow

(Note: The level names do not necessarily correspond to the actual price of an instrument, bow or case)

How to Give

Please use the enclosed donation form and write a check to Hillsdale County School of the Arts, Inc.
and mail to:

Hillsdale County School of the Arts, Inc.
P.O. Box 792, Hillsdale, MI 49242

New This Year! Donate Online!

Go to to donate via a PayPal account. (Fees may apply.)